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Advice for Teenagers

HIV Prevention: Advice for Teenagers

Advice for TeenagersAvoid any kind of sexual intercourse is undoubtedly one of the most effective means for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STDs) which also includes HIV/AIDS.

If you wish to be sexually active, the below measures can reduce your odds of developing an HIV infection.

Say NO to drugs and alcohol

The use of the alcohol and drugs can force you to make sexual decisions you would not make clearheaded.

Avoid sexual activities which involve anal, oral or vaginal sex.

Have sexual relationship with no more than 1 uninfected individual.

Wear a latex condom each time you engage in any sort of sexual intercourse.

Understand all the possible risks associated with HIV and other STD’s.

Most youngsters with HIV infection are found to be sexually active. As the number of teenagers who’re aware of these risk is increasing, fewer are engaging in sex while those who’re sexually active are wearing condoms each time they involve in such an activity.

The 2nd biggest cause of an HIV infection is usage of intravenous drugs, however any activity in which there is a possibility of blood exchange can be risky. Teenagers shouldn’t share needles of any type, which also includes tattooing, body piercing or steroid drug injection.

Next, stay always informed when it comes to HIV. Whilst many people with the infection are found to live much longer today because of all the new drugs and medical research, still there isn’t a definite cure to this particular disease.

Learn how to Identify the early signs of the disease

How could you identify if you or somebody else might already be infected? In case you haven’t shared the needle or had unprotected sexual intercourse, it’s very improbable you’ve HIV.

The lone way to identify the disease is by undergoing an HIV test.

Symptoms: HIV

Loss of weight
Frequent sweats and fears
Little to no energy
Swollen lymphatic glands in groin, neck, or armpits
Skin rashes that stay unhealed
Major herpes infections which result in sores on genitals, anus or mouth
Short term loss of memory

Nobody must assume that they’re infected with HIV if they’ve the above symptoms. They could be associated with other illnesses as well. Again, HIV test is the only means to find out whether you’re infected or not.

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